I'm Gab. I'm 18 & from Peru. Sorry if I make any mistakes when I talk uvu". I like things and some other things. I'm into some fandoms. Like Homestuck and One Piece. And also Rooster Teeth and Achievement hunter. I like rambling on and on about dumb things. 'Sup.
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Hey everyone! Does anyone happen to have a good resource for studying/learning about composition and how to improve the composition in your own work? I used to know of a few good links but have since lost them.

I could also use this information

Here’s a couple! (click links to see the full thing)

The Secret to Composition by Lulie



The Disney ‘Comic Strip Artist’s Kit’


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Commissions are Open!


Send me an email at drowzyartist@gmail.com or an ask with the commission type(s) that you want. Please describe in detail what you want or provide a reference I can use, it’s important. I’ll reply approving your commission. 

I’ll send a sketch of the drawing, where you can ask for changes and/or approve it. Once approved, you can pay for your commission to drowzyartist@gmail.com on PayPal or use the handy dropdown menu if its set at the pre-established price(*). Then I’ll start working on the drawing.

I’m kind of new to commissions, but I’ll try my best to draw within the established time. Usually up to a week, but sometimes less. The Semi-Realism and Digital Paintings may take more time than the others because there’s more work put into them.

When your commission is completed I will send you a high resolution digital copy. I may post it on Tumblr, unless you don’t want me to, please let me know.

(*: only the digital painting-type base price’s is subject to change. More info below.)

Specific-Commission-Type Rules

$5 USD (+$1 per extra character) 
examples: 1/2/3/4/5

No color or background.

Line art
$10 USD - Thick Line art
examples: 1/2/3

$12 USD - Thin Line art
examples: 1/2/3

No color. Examples are mostly colored.

Flat Colors
$20 USD
examples: 1/2/3/4/5

No background. Some shading, depending on the drawing.

Soft Shaded
$30 USD
examples: 1/2/3/4/5

No background.

Semi Realism / Digital Painting 
$60* USD
examples: 0/1/2/3/4/5

Semi Realism needs a lot of references, if possible. °
Digital painting is regular drawings colored in the way set in the examples, not particularily resembling life. °

Just one character, simple background (if any). Takes more time than others. Need Reference(s).
If you want another character or a more detailed background, we can discuss the pricing, but the base is no less than $60.

Chibi / Cute
$10 USD - Uncolored/ Lineart
$15 USD - Colored
examples: 1/2/3

Extra character is + $1. No more than 3 characters.